Good Friends, is a play-based program that promotes 3 to 4 year-olds' social-emotional development. We provide a safe, nurturing environment and use positive reinforcement and redirection to guide behaviors and foster learning. We encourage the kids to be 'good friends' by helping them develop social perspectives and social problem-solving skills. Our intent is to prepare them for success in school.

At Good Friends, the students are taught pre-­literacy and academic content in both English and Spanish. Spanish language is incorporated throughout our daily activities and is reinforced through books, music and poems. We have found that children this age have a great capacity for language and learning a second language hones reasoning skills and problem solving abilities.


The Good Friends School is owned and operated by Waleska Leiva, an experienced teacher who has over five years experience in early childhood development, and nine years experience teaching 3 to 4 year-­olds.

Born and raised in Seattle, Waleska is a native Spanish speaker who attended Holy Names Academy and the University of Washington, and is working towards her masters in Education with a focus in Early Childhood and Family Studies.


Waleska Leiva LEIVAWALESKA@GMAIL.COM 206.372.4714

Good Friends School is hosted in Waleska's home in the Leschi neighborhood.

The School runs from September to June, Monday thru Friday, 8:45am - 12:45pm.